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The Paladins Competitions 2016

The Paladins Competitions 2016

In just a few hours, the Hi-Rez Expo 2016 will officially open. With that, we also welcome the first Paladins Invitationals with a price pool of 150,000$!
The top 8 teams that qualified from Europe, North America, Oceania/New Zealand, Brazil/Latam and China in the previous Circuits and Qualifiers will fight live for the title of the real Champions of the Realm. Before you hop into the livestreams and gather some of the free viewer rewards, here is a quick recap over the competitive scene in 2016!
These are the official EU/NA tournaments hosted/sponsered by Hi-Rez Studios that led to the Paladins Invitationals:

  • PaladinsWorld Preseason
  • Dreamhack Founders “Qualifiers”
  • Founders Tournament
  • Fall Qualifiers
  • Champions Circuit
  • Challengers Circuit
  • The Gauntlet
  • Hirez Expo “The Invitationals”


Starting of we had the PaladinsWorld Pre-Season. This season lasted for 9 weeks (starting on the 13th of February) with the prizepool of $1,000 per week (per region)
By the end, these teams were the top teams in their respective region:
In Europe:

  • #1 team was Torpedo whose roster was Laizy, Kustom3, Spunkki, TehPrincess and Thiel
  • #2 team was TQM (Short for Team Question Mark). Their roster consisted of: Gerrah, Freshkimo, Marre, Mugiwawa and Syer
  • #3 Team was Death and Taxes. Their roster was: Bird, Suncommander, Tuzkar, Simsiloo and Kroad
  • #4 was Fate and their roster was Menchmier, Sinbreed, Smutney1221, Unbelievable  and Skillganon
  • #5 Team was Team Griffin (Which was my team), their roster was: Kamyker, Linkens, Mulkmulkmulk, Sture and Bozey
  • Finally, #6 team was NoElves which had Elvenpath, Neophyte, Soun, Zipe and Kelrior.


North American Region:

  • #1 Team was Kungarna whose roster was: Pcack, Wardoom, Moetorious, Kusqt and mykl
  • #2 Team was Eager. Their roster was: N0mster, Bitey, Awry, ShadeyShades and Reptile
  • #3 Team was Warpath: Their roster included Doesupz, Smidgen, Stolzey, Brimey and Rude
  • #4 Team was Ronin and their roster was Nineveh, Shindu, Iceberg, Blazen and Aeidu.




The following tournament were the Dreamhack Qualifiers. This tournament would last for 4 weeks (Starting from April 30th). Each week 1 team from each region will qualify for the playoffs.

  • The #1 Team to qualify for the playoffs was Torpedo whose roster did not change from Pre-Season.
  • The #2 Team to qualify was Death and Taxes and their roster saw changes. Bozey replaced Kroad. So the new roster was SunCommander, Bird, Tuzkar, Simsolo and Bozey.
  • The #3 team to Qualify was District 69 whose roster was Bugzy, Elvenpath, Kagemitsu, Shipa and Perdo.
  • The last team to Qualify was Fate who also saw a roster change. Their new roster now had Menschmeier, Skillganon, Unbelievable, Arcos and Addicted.



Over at NA:

  • The #1 team was Kungarna who had the same roster
  • The #2 team was Eager who also had the same roster
  • The #3 team to qualify was Warpath and yet again, they had the same roster
  • The final team was Ronin and they had a new roster: Their roster was:
  • Aeido, Shindu, W1fl, Grapple and Powtech.



The Qualifiers were followed by the Playoffs. These lasted for one match weekend (May 28th for EU and 29th for NA) and the top 2 teams from each region would qualify for the Founders Tournament in Dreamhack Summer 2016. Week 1 had to fight Week 4, Week 2 fought against Week 3.
The winners of these matches had to face each other in a Best-of-5. The winner of the BO5 qualified for the Dreamhack Founders Tournament, the winner of the resulting loser bracket qualified as second seed for the Dreamhack tournament.
The first team to Qualify for Founders was Torpedo, who kept their rosters the same. They beat Fate in the first round and win the decider match vs District 69 (who had won against Death and Taxes)
As a surprise, the second team to qualify was District 69 (who had beaten Death and Taxes for a second time), while at the time, Death and Taxes counted as the clear favourites right after Torpedo.
Disstrict 69 replaced Kagemitsu with Gerrah, so that their roster for Dreamhack included Bugzy, Elvenpath, Gerrah, Shipa and Perdo.


NA Region:
The first team to Qualify was Kungarna, which kept the same roster. They beat Ronin 2-0 and went to beat Team Eager in a close 3-2 decider match.
The second team to qualify was Warpath: Having lost to Team Eager 2-0 in the first round, they went to win the losers bracket against Ronin 2-0 and finally beat Team Eager 3-1 in the losers brackets finals . They also set up a new roster for Dreamhack that consisted of stolzey, Smidgen, Doesupz, Rude and Suhhkyle.


The Founders Tournament at Dreamhack was the first LAN Paladins had to celebrate with the biggest prizepool to that date of $100,000.
Before the tournament Torpedo were the clear favorites to win (who had boasted an astonishing 100% winrate in the Playoffs and Qualifers). District 69 managed to defeat Torpedo in the Semi Finals 2-0 and advanced to the Grandfinals. Kungarna beat Warpath 2-1 with Warpath winning the first match.

Now with
Torpedo out of the way, it looked like Kungarna would win the tournament. However in the Grand Finals, District 69 beat Kungarna 3-0 in a very swift fashion. The underdogs District 69 went to win $50,000 and were crowned as the first ever LAN Champions.


The Summer Circuit was mainly a filler between the Dreamhack Founders Tournament and the upcoming Fall Qualifiers.
District 69 took first place in Europe while Matchpoint (Rebranded Warpath) took the first place in North America.
Between the Summer Circuit and Fall Qualifiers, a few roaster changes had taken place:

  • Torpedo had let go of TehPrincess and Kustom3, while taking Bird and SunCommander from Death and Taxes on board. They had also left Torpedo by the end of the Summer Circuit and got picked up by a new organisation called Burrito.
  • Mykl, Pcack and Moetorious had also left Kungarna and stopped playing. This marked the end of Team Kungarna.
  • Warpath had been rebranded as “MatchPoint” and now had a new roster.



The Fall Qualifiers introduced the first step to the Qualification for the Hi-Rez Expo Invitationals. The top 4 teams of 2 playweeks advanced into the Champions Circuit, while the rest remained a chance to place second seed in the Hi-Rez Expo Invitationals by scoring first place in the Challengers Circuit, which ran simulaneously to the Champions Circuit in Fall 2016. The Champions Circuit was characteristic for its double elimination mode, while the Challenger Circuit kept its open brackets.  In Europe, Burrito took first place in the Champions Circuit while in NA, it was Matchpoint. The #1 team in Europe for the Challengers Circuit was BasicM (Who had a 100% win rate throughout the whole Circuit), while Febrii took #1 place with an 85% winrate for North America.
Starting with the Fall Qualifiers (Started on the 10th of September) the top 4 in Europe were as following:

  • #1 Team was Burrito with the roster of Bird, Thiel, Laizy, SunCommander and Spunkki
  • #2 Team was Return to Base with the roster of Unbeliavble, Skillganon, Kendrikyoda, Robotoxin and Kamker
  • #3 was District 69 who kept the same roster since the DreamHack Founders Tournament.
  • The final team was Kings of the North with a roster consisting of Plazebo, Syer, Respa, Menchsmier and Simsiloo



North America:

  • #1 team was Team Eager with the roster of Bitey, W1fl, Shadeyshades, z1unknown and Awry
  • #2 team was Matchpoint with Doesupz, Stolzey, Kusqt, Smidgen and Wardoom
  • #3 team was Spawnkilled with Rovanik, ChaoticZulu, WizDude, PrinceDannyTV and Cacunuck
  • #4 team was Mutiny with Madman, Makkers, Anticity, Circuchan and Kintastic








Right before the Hi-Rez Expo, we arrive at the penultimate tournament “The Gauntlet” before the $150,000 Invitationals at the Hi-Rez Expo. In The Gauntlet, the top Challenger team had to face the 4th seeded Champions team, while the winner of the match had to face the 3rd team. The finals of The Gauntlet were consisting of a matchup between the winner of the previous match against the 2nd seeded Champion team. The winner of the finals entered the Hi-Rez Expo Paladins Invitationals as the second seed.
In Europe, BasicM was knocked out by Kings of the North, who advanced to fight Team Viral (Rebranded Return to Base) yet again. Team Viral then beat Kings of the North and were just one more victory away from being the 2nd seed to the Invitationals. However the current LAN champions (District 69) would not give up their place that easily and proceed to win the Gauntlet in Europe, advancing as the 2nd seed to the Invitationals.

In North America, Febrii beat the Mutiny and advanced to the second round vs Team AGG (Rebranded Spawnkilled). Their roster was Grapple, Elzulu, PrinceDannyTV, Graham and Rovanikk. However this was the end of the road for Febrii as Team AGG proceeded to win that matchup and faced Team Eager in the finals. In a very close 3-2 matchup, Team Eager emerged triumphant and won the second seed for the Invitationals.


Feeling ready yet? Here’s also a quick overview for the Oceanic/China/Brazil/Latin America rosters we will see the upcoming days:


The Oceaniac Team is Abyss Gaming and their roster is Kronickx, JoshKent, Haydz, Alston and Joelz
From China we have Team QG  with a roster of Mikasa, Xiaoai, Shasha, Gameking and Yex1n.
Representing Brazil will the Black Dragons. Their roster was will be Pings, Flamzito, Butter, Skullest, Bzka and CherryGums, with one as a substitution.
Finally representing Latin America is Nocturns Gaming. Their roster is Klauzinho, BattleToad, Etaceh, HalcyonDays and Fariul.



The Teams that will play in the Paladins Invitationals have been split into 2 Groups. Group A and B.

Group A there are:

  • District 69
  • Team QG
  • MatchPoint
  • Black Dragons

In Group B are:

  • Burrito
  • Abyss
  • Team Eager
  • Nocturns Gaming


Want know more about the Paladins Invitationals Schedule? Check out the official Hi-Rez Expo Website for more information.


Congratulations! You’re now up to date with the Esports Scene in Paladins! With Paladins being launched to the public just over a year ago, it’s remarkable to see such a n immense progress!

We can’t wait to see what Hi-Rez is revealing for 2017! Stay tuned!
If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below, on NinjaBoffins (@NinjaBoffin) or PaladinsWorlds (@PaladinsWorld) Twitter or on our PaladinsWorld Discord!

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