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Paladins OCE finals at PAX Australia

Paladins OCE finals at PAX Australia

Paladins Oceania champion to be crowned in front of 50,000 fans!

With less than two weeks to go, the top four Paladins teams from Oceania are set to star on the PAX Arena ESL Stage, with a share in AUD$15,000 on the line, and a place in the World Championships at Hi-Rez Expo, competing against the world’s best.   
Over the course of eight huge hours of matches, streamed live on Twitch, Kanga Esports, Outlaws, Conspiracy Esports, and Masterminds GC contest for the right to represent their regions at the world championships. PAX Australia marks the debut of world class Paladins at an Australian gaming event, and alongside its older brother SMITE, it’s fitting to return to Australia’s biggest gaming show for Hi-Rez games in what has been an eventful conclusion to 2017.
Paladins Global Series OCE caster Jake “KitFox” Punton will be calling the final, alongside Hi-Rez commentator Thom “F.” Badinger, joined by PGS OCE caster Mattse for the semi finals. A veteran caster from international tournaments, KitFox is hyped for the big stage and a passionate crowd.

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to cast for HI-Rez at PAX. Live events are an amazing experience, the dedication of the Paladins community and players is going to make for something special. I have never seen such a tightly knit scene, committed to the advancement of a game before. It really sets Paladins apart”.


We spoke to KitFox about his thoughts on the four teams taking part in the finals, here’s what he had to say:


The undisputed champions of OCE Paladins at the moment. Currently third best in the world, but they want more. Having set the bar for competition throughout all three PGS OCE phases to date, Kanga constantly look for ways to be the innovators and leaders of the scene. Just when it their opponents have figured them out, they’ll come up with something fresh.



Outlaws have long been the bridesmaid but never the bride, finishing second to Kanga in big OCE Paladins tournaments. Long time considered closest to Kanga in terms of skill level and team synergy, they’ve famously taken maps from the champions. As the gap between Kanga and the region narrows, Outlaws continue to be dominant. Forced to swat off challenges from valiant opponents, they return their attention to their old foe – Kanga.



Masterminds are continue to surprise when it comes to their gameplay. Not afraid to use off-meta champions to surprise their opposition, the game for these lads begins right at the draft, being both smart and skilled when it comes to their approach to the game. They’ll be the underdogs, but its a mantle they’ll relish on the big stage.


Conspiracy Esports

Alongside Kanga, Conspiracy have enjoyed the most consistency in OCE with regards to Paladins play. Conspiracy grind out their wins week after week, calling upon their experience against high level teams. A skill perfectly suited to the tasks ahead at PAX, they’ll have some giant killing to do. Watch out for Conspiracy as your wildcard on game day.


Joining Paladins will be SMITE, with the top four teams from the Oceania Pro League competing for a share in AUD$35,000 and the right to represent the region at HRX 2018.


If you’re at PAX Australia, come to the ESL Stage to watch live! Otherwise, watch the action on stream from 10am AEDT Saturday 28 October at:



SMITE and Paladins matches will be held on the PAX Arena booth Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. There will be opportunities for freeplay hands on with Hi-Rez Studios titles including the brand new digital card and strategy game, Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics.

SMITE Oceania Pro League 2017 teams competing at PAX Australia:

  • Held over five weeks of online competition broadcast live on Twitch, six teams vie for a spot in the final four who’ll face off at PAX Australia 2017   
  • SMITE OPL prize pool is $35,000
  • The winning team will travel to Atlanta, Georgia to represent Oceania and compete at HRX 2018 in early 2018
  • SMITE Oceania Pro League is broadcast live on Twitch every Saturday from 7pm AEST on

About Paladins Global Series Oceania

  • Held over four weeks of online competition broadcast live on Facebook, eight teams vie for a spot in the final four who’ll face off at PAX Australia 2017   
  • Paladins Global Series is held over ten months, Oceania Paladins teams compete in open tournaments for a share in US$70,000
  • The first three weeks of every month will hold open bracket tournaments to qualify the eight best teams from Oceania with crystal prizing for the winners. The fourth week is the monthly finals, with USD$7,000 on the line for the top eight teams
  • Oceania matches are broadcast as part of a global calendar of Paladins on Facebook, live every Thursday from 7.30pm to 10pm AEST, catch all the action at
  • Teams can sign up for Paladins Global Series Oceania Phase 1 Week 1 via the following link

The league season for Oceania is produced for Hi-Rez Studios in Australia by Double Jump Communications.

More information on SMITE esports at

More information on Paladins esports at


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