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Paladins PC Summer Premier Recap

Paladins PC Summer Premier Recap

Paladins Summer Premier LAN Recap

After nearly two and a half months of competition leading up to the final event in Spain at Dreamhack Valencia, the Paladins Summer Premier finally comes to a close with one team reigning supreme as our Summer Premier Champions of the Realm.


Day 1:

Our first quarter-finals set of the day pit HiRez Expo champions Gankstars against the newly risen Southeast Asian team, FearUs. In a dominant performance on every map, Gankstars showed they came ready to play even with their substitute Dialer and sweeped the set 3-0. Gankstars moved onto the semi-finals.

Our second quarter-finals set of the day was between the two North American power houses, Team CryptiK and Denial Esports. After being down to Denial 2-0 at the beginning of the set, CryptiK put on their carry pants and reverse swept the set in an an astounding performance. The final score of the set was 2-3 in favor of Team CryptiK. Team CryptiK moved onto the semi-finals.

Our third quarter-finals set of the day was between former Dreamhack Sweden and Master’s LAN champions District 69 and China’s QG Craze. It was during this set that we realized QG Craze came to win, and they would put all of their hard work and preparations to the test. All of the games were extremely close for the most part, and QG Craze would reign supreme over 2x LAN champion District 69 with a final set score of 3-1. QG Craze moved onto the semi-finals.

In our final quarter-finals set of the day, the boys from down unda, Kanga, would go against the Latam American squad of Nocturns Gaming. After an impressively close set and strong showing by Nocturns, Kanga reigned supreme and proved they were here to stay in the top 3 in the  world. Kanga moved onto the semi-finals.


Day 2:


Our first semi-finals set of the day pit Gankstars (#1 seed going into LAN) against North America’s Team CryptiK (4th seed going into LAN). This was not a showing we normally see from Gankstars. One major factor attributing to this was the fact that Gankstars didn’t have SunCommander with them to frag them to victory and utilize their built-up team synergy. Team CryptiK found their weak spot and pounced in for a victory game after game. Gankstars wasn’t going down without a fight, and managed to steal 2 maps away from Team Cryptik in a best of 7 series. Team CryptiK moved onto the finals.


Our final semi-finals set of the day between Kanga Esports and QG Craze was truly something to behold. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, this set was the set to watch at Dreamhack! After trading games back and forth, some crazy niche character picks and strong emotions and passion to win shown from both sides, QG Craze takes the set over Kanga 4-3 in one of the best Paladins sets to ever be displayed at a LAN event. Kanga didn’t go down with their spirit broken. QG Craze moves onto the finals.


Day 3:


It all came down to this! Day 3 would kick off between QG Craze (China #7 seed) and Team (North America #4 seed). In the first game, QG Craze showed a very dominant performance over Team CryptiK on Frog Isle with a niche Buck and Torvald dive comp that Team CryptiK absolutely was not prepared for. One after one, the body count of Team CryptiK rose and after watching the game, it felt like the set had been decided there. Team CryptiK wasn’t going down without a fight, and proved that they are without a doubt the best team at adapting to situations, not cracking under pressure and keeping their cool. Team CryptiK then dominates each map game after game, and finishes the set 4-1 against QG Craze. Kusqt is named MVP for the Paladins Summer Premier and Team CryptiK raises the Dreamhack trophy high and proud as North America secures their first LAN tournament win in Paladins PC history.



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