PaladinsWorld Stats


2017 will have some really great surprises for the Paladins Esports, so we can’t miss the chance to contribute to this great advancement. From today on, the community will have access to the BETA of our statistics system for the competitive Paladins community  – “PaladinsWorld Stats“. Throughout the year, we will expand the system with awesome features that are listed down below. If any question remains unanswered, you should check out the PaladinsWorld Stats FAQ. You can also help the improvement of the system by giving us your feedback in the dedicated channel on our Discord Server.


Identify the best Healers, the most consistent Damage Dealers, the greatest European Fernando Player or the utter Killing Machine with the distinct search on our leaderboard. Can’t find stolzey on the very top of the leaderboard? Search him via the search function!




Player Statistics
PaladinsWorld Stats records all important statistics of every player that participated in an official Esports event or PaladinsWorld/partnered tournament. Find yourself or your favorite Paladins Player in our huge database and compare the numbers!




Match Records
Do you remember the intense Finals of Evie’s Winter Classics? We sure do! Look up any registered Competitive Match to receive all essential statistics of a tournament match. No more nerve-racking Replay Digging to find the scoreboard you were looking for!




Weekly Infographics
This is an old habit for PaladinsWorld tournaments and we are super excited to bring them back to you. Everyone loves Infographics!


Become a Partner
Do you host or administrate a tournament? Are you planning to host one in the near future and want to record the match statistics? Become a partner and receive the opportunity to display your own tournaments on our statistic hubs. All guidelines, requirements and a FAQ can be found here.