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Team SK Gaming
Ingame Name stolzey
Full Name David Mathis
Role Damage
Age 28
Location New York, USA
Paladins Founders Tournament – DreamHack Summer 20163rd
Paladins Hi-Rez Expo Invitational 20173rd
Paladins Masters LAN 20175th - 8th
Paladins Summer Premier - Dreamhack Valencia 20175th - 8th


Out of every player to have participated in Paladins esports, and perhaps including those who are yet to, there are few names that will ever be as universally recognised as David 'stolzey' Mathis. Practically a household name (at least within those in the Realm), Mathis' gaming history began at 3 years old and continued heavily until he entered college. At this point, gaming took a back burner whilst Mathis focused heavily on his studies, earning degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Communication, and Humanities. "During this time, Mixed Martial Arts replaced video games in my life as my source of fun, and an area where I can fine tune my skill" notes Mathis, however following an injury he returned to video games where he found Paladins and now plays professionally for SK Gaming.

Mathis' initial background is in PC shooters, however after his injury, SMITE was the game which captivated him. Mathis describes how he "played it like crazy for about two years" before moving to Paladins on the first day of Closed Beta where he's been playing ever since. In addition to this early start, Mathis is a highly driven content creator producing regular gameplay videos for social media as well as regular livestreams in which he entertains audiences of hundreds of keen-eyed fans.

Characterising his play-style as "pretty high risk high reward", Mathis' approach to Paladins is all about being aggressive. "There's a reason I'm known for making Hot Plays" (the capitalisation is important). Mathis likes to take fights that look insane to take because he's confident in his ability to come out on top in the game. Unafraid to trade with the best, Mathis is often praised as having some of the best mechanical skill in Paladins worldwide. Despite this he tries to stay humble and not let this get to his head.

For Mathis, consistency is key - rarely experiencing bad games due to this performance quality Mathis looks to his experience for an explanation; "in game smarts, decision making, fight intelligence, and of course teamwork" are what allow him to pull ahead of the pack. None of this builds distance from Mathis and the Paladins community however; a people person through and through Mathis wants to know everyone he can within the scene and always makes himself approachable at live events to facilitate this.

Mathis' favourite Champion is Androxus, a foundation of his reputation that remains a staple Champion in his pool. Regardless of how 'off meta' they become, when you see "Stolzey" and "Androxus" together, you're sure to see sparks fly!