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Team SK Gaming
Ingame Name Alternit
Full Name Greg Panek
Role Substitute
Age 23
Location Illinois, USA
Paladins Hi-Rez Expo Invitational 20173rd
Paladins Masters LAN 20175th - 8th
Paladins Summer Premier - Dreamhack Valencia 20175th - 8th
PPL Fall Finals 20174th
PWC Qualifiers 20175-8th


With an FPS background, Paladins was natural for Greg 'Alternit' Panek to gravitate to Paladins. A Closed Beta Day 1 veteran, Panek is no stranger to all the ins and outs of this game having played for multiple teams in multiple roles throughout his competitive Paladins career. Now working as the manager, coach, and substitute for SK Gaming's Paladins roster, Panek is nothing but grateful for the experiences that he's encountered on his journey. "Video games have allowed me to travel the world, make long-term friends, and I hope one day to work in the industry" he writes.

Panek's favourite Champion is Drogoz, although Panek demonstrates great experience and flexibility on every Champion as necessitated by his role.