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PPL EU Week 3, Ska’drins afoot!

PPL EU Week 3, Ska’drins afoot!

Week 3 has come and gone, and I’ve got you covered if you weren’t able to catch the games. This weekend was the first weekend of play that Talus was permitted for draft, and boy did he make a splash! If you want to watch the VODS first, you can find them here!

Match 1: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Virtus Pro

We assumed this would be an easy two win weekend for Ninjas in Pajamas, but Virtus Pro was out to make an ass out of you and me. The one word to sum up this set, was Talus. Elvenpath whipped out the newest character in the Realm and went to WORK. Birds recent tierlist video told us that no one was practicing Talus or really knew what to do with him. Well that was only half true, because NIP sure looked like they didn’t know what was going on, and Virtus Pro took the set 2-0.

Match 2: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Mousesports

NIP would pick themselves up in their next set against Mousesports. Looking again like themselves. Mouse has yet to innovate any shiny new strats, and just aren’t good enough to displace the ninjas with old tricks. Ninjas in Pyjamas would go ahead and take the set 2-0 in very dominant fashion.

Match 3: Mousesports vs Natus Vincere

Mouse would have another shot at finding their first win, but I think a combination of sleepy not being around this weekend, and Na’vi getting almost everything they wanted in the draft, led to yet another swift mousesports defeat.

Match 4: Natus Vincere vs Fnatic

Up next, a big matchup to decide the fate of the Na’vi Fnatic head to head matchup. Since their loss in week 1, Fnatic have gone to bootcamp, as well as clearly defining and attacking what they thought went wrong for them in week 1. Fnatic looked innovative in their draft, pulling out 3 flankers in game 1, Na’vi were having a tough time dealing with it. 5 cauts and pressure galore led to Fnatic taking the first map. Game 2 looked great for Na’vi, they didnt get outdrafted and took the first three rounds against a triple frontliner Fnatic composition, traditionally a very good sign. But just as they did to Fnatic in week 1, Fnatic returned in kind. Na’vi were in control until they weren’t. It all came down to a 3-3 and one great fight from Fnatic closed this set 2-0.


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