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PPL NA Week 3, Upsets Galore!

PPL NA Week 3, Upsets Galore!

Before you get into this recap, I must encourage you to go watch these games if you’ve got time. These sets were some of the most exciting we’ve seen so far from the Premier League! Make sure you try to catch them live if you can, or even watch the VODs after the show is over! All the action can be found on our Facebook page.

Match 1: SK Gaming vs Renegades

First up was SK vs the Renegades, if you’re going off power rankings, than this should be an easy call the way of the Renegades. But these two teams haven’t actually played each other yet, so we didn’t truly know. But SK came out Guns blazing, Danny, again playing great but really SK as an entire unit were looking damn good. They played so well as a team and were able to sweep the Renegades 2-0 in some of the craziest games of the PPL. Again, if ya got time, seriously go watch them.

Match 2: SK Gaming vs G2 Esports

Next on the docket SK would have the chance to take the lead in north america, they need only beat their oldest rival, G2 Esports. G2 haven’t quite been looking themselves as of late, and SK have never looked better. This was a recipe for an upset, as more phenomenal team play from SK just made them impossible to crack. SK would go undefeated through their double header, taking all four maps set before them and steal the lead in North America.

Match 3: G2 Esports vs Team Envyus

G2 would have the chance to bounce back against Envyus. Game one on Timber Mill Envy came out with Strix, piloted by Invocal. It was a hell of a show and being one of the least played maps, Envy would have an advantage. They scrapped out a win in game one, but G2 were able to grind their way back into the set through the next to maps to take the reverse sweep. I’m sure they were happy to get at least one W this weekend, but G2 vocally disappointed in their performance through the past two weekends of play.

Match 4: Team Envyus vs Splyce

Envyus would take the torch as they finished their double header with Splyce, the only winless team in North America. But with nothing to lose, Splyce pulled out some new tricks, 3 dps and Rovaniik off blaster onto Androxus. It wasn’t perfect, but frankly it wasn’t bad either. Rovaniik and the boys in black and Yellow would take game 1 in firm fashion. They continued to try some new things in the next few games, like a Kinessa against a Strix, but never found the same surprise factor. It felt like Envyus got their feet back under them both in draft and in game, and reverse swept Splyce 2-1.


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