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PPL North America Week 4 Recap

PPL North America Week 4 Recap

Hey champions and welcome to the North American Regional Recap for week 4 of the PPL. As we wind down here with only one week left to play, it still remains a pretty close race through both regions, no real clear favorites have arisen.

Match 1: G2 Esports vs Splyce

The first matchup between G2 and Splyce I feel could have gone one of two ways. G2 have been struggling as of late, and given recent balance changes, perhaps Splyce could look to throw them off balance and find their first win. Or G2 use this match as a bounce back to restore confidence in themselves. It would be the latter, G2 going to their strategy of banning jenos and forcing an early Mal’Damba or making their opponent play something different. G2 take the W 2-0

Match 2: Team Envyus vs SK Gaming

Up next, Team Envyus would take on SK gaming. We know SK have been looking really strong recently, but Envyus came out ready to compete today! Personally I feel the biggest advantage SK was getting was during the draft. Envyus were prioritizing Bomb King very early in the draft. This made it so SK had a lot of space to draft, and were getting picks they were very comfortable with. Envy came out playing well but SK were the better men today, 2-0 SK gaming.

Match 3: Team Envyus vs Renegades

Envyus would have another shot at capturing a win today, but they would have to pry it from the Renegades, a team still in the running for the #1 spot in North America. Envyus put together more solid drafts they were able to get in both games. The only difference between there lineup in game 1 vs 2 was Invocal on strix. Absolute domination ensued, merciless strix play from Invocal led Envyus to a 2-0 win. And would you believe he’s only 14?!

Match 4: Renegades vs Splyce

Renegades would have to hold their L and refocus on the next target, Splyce. Renegades felt really focused on playing as a team, never getting out of assist range of each other proved to be useful. This, and a couple of highlight reel plays from Lokii’s Andro meant Renegades would take the set 2-0, making this a full day of clean2-0 sweeps!

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