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PPL North America Week 5, Grand Finale!

PPL North America Week 5, Grand Finale!

 Welcome back champions for our final North American regional recap. It seems like just yesterday that we began this journey together, but all good things must come to an end. And it would take all the way until today to decide who would be seeded where in our Regional LAN, coming up in just a few short weeks.

Match 1: SK Gaming vs Renegades

First on the docket would pit Renegades vs SK Gaming. SK in first seed going into today, would need only one victory of the two available to them today to clinch the first seed going into LAN. And they would get it done right away, taking this set 2-0. But that scoreline doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Both of these games were extremely close 4-3s. It came down to an all out brawl where Wifl and Bitey would hold down the objective nearly on their own to lock down first seed at LAN.

Match 2: SK Gaming vs Splyce

SK would go to face Splyce, despite being the only winless in North America, Splyce looked better than they have all split. Splyce picked up Moonchopper, a newer player making a splash in the North American PGS, to play with them this weekend. Though they put up a good fight, Splyce would still be handed an L by SK in 2 games.

Match 3: G2 Esports vs Renegades

G2 and the Renegades would lead to the decision for the 2nd spot in North America. G2 made some adjustments this week, putting Evulli on Evie most notably. iDropbodies was back and boy did he make an entrance. Bodies had some of his best games all split in his return. But none of that would stop Renegades from coming out and taking Game 1. G2 were leaning on their famous Mega Potion Pip throughout this set, and every game would be close. Going the distance to decide who would get to avoid SK gaming the bracket. G2 would have to PRY this win away from the cold dead hands of the Renegades 4-3.

Match 4: G2 Esports vs Envyus

G2 would need more in the tank because they had to close out the PPL against Team Envyus. And In proper PPL form, Envyus would have one of their best performances against a team that has been proven their better! G2 Esports grab the 2-0 through 2 competitive games, though I have to remark, across both regions, the competition in both regions has proven to be so close!

Thank you all so much for undertaking this journey with us, through the ups, downs, sweeps and upsets, it has been a great 5 weeks of Paladins. The pure competitiveness and raw talent has come such a long way since this time last year. This qualifying LAN is sure to be one for the books.Make sure you’re staying tuned to all of our channels, as we will be putting out details as to the where and the when very soon. That’s it for our first split of the PPL, thank you all for watching and I’ll see you soon.

Assoc. Esports Producer for Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins Caster/Streamer! Youtube: Business: [email protected]

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