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Pro Player Q&A: Bitey

Pro Player Q&A: Bitey

Chris ‘Bitey’ Mohn is one of the more outstanding people I’ve met during my time casting Paladins. He’s a strong personality and a fierce competitor but still cares deeply for his team and those around him. Bitey preaches persistence, focus, and places value on improving every game, and winning will follow. I popped into one of his streams to ask him a few questions, and give you a look inside the big, beautiful mind of Bitey, captain of SK Gaming.


Q: Some have called you the best tracking aimer in the game, How do you respond?

A: That’s mighty kind of you, but I tend to not think like that, I don’t aim/movement wasn’t my strong suit. I picked up a good strafe pattern and learned to anticipate how a fight will play out, not always having to rely on pure aim to win. You just gotta out-think em.


Q: Would you consider yourself a traditional shooter player?

A: No, I’ve always played high TTK non traditional shooters, never mainstream games like quake and CS.


Q: Favorite champion?

A: Anything related to tracking, and Strix otherwise.


Q: How are you feeling about your team as of late?

A: With pro league incoming, team is taking it easy preparing to go all in during league. Synergy has been off since replacing Awry, we took a step back to pick up Vex, but obviously it’s going to pay off, just needs time to come together!

Relating to roles, one thing I struggle with, is trusting other people to play roles that I consider myself prolific in. There is a lot of nuance that I think about that I worry about, “are they thinking/doing those things as well as I would be?”


Q: What advice do you have for new competitive players?

A: Advice I have for new guys would be simply not to give up. I’ve lost so many more tournaments than I’ve won. I don’t mind the struggle, I don’t mind the challenge. I love my fans, I love to win, but at the end of the day I play for myself. To improve and beat myself is my ultimate goal.

Assoc. Esports Producer for Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins Caster/Streamer! Youtube: Business: [email protected]

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