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Competitive Rules


  1. Every team must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation in the Paladins Qualifiers (the “Rules”). Thereafter, each player is expected and required to abide by the Rules, and any failure to follow them will result in punitive measures, including but not limited to all items listed in Section 4.8.
  2. Each player may only use their own account.
  3. Each player’s account must be level 30 in order to participate in any official Hi-Rez Studios competition.
  4. Each player must be thirteen (13) years of age or older pursuant to the Paladins Terms of Service.
  5. Each team must have five (5) players present throughout the entire tournament, regardless of whether the team is currently playing, waiting to play, or otherwise occupied.
  6. Each team must have one designated person, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, responsible for distributing any cash prizing (the “Manager”). This can be the same player as the Team Captain (as defined in Section 3.2) or another person entirely.
    1. Each recipient of tournament payments must fill out the proper US tax forms in order to receive any earned prize money
  7. Each team is required to only play with members who have been checked-in by the time defined in Section 3.4c.



  1. Teams and players may only participate in the Paladins Qualifiers event that is within their own region.
    1. Players may only participate in one (1) regions Paladins Qualifiers at one time. (ie a Russian player may participate in the European tournament but not both simultaneously).
  2. Players may only compete in one (1) HiRez Official Tournament series at one time.
  3. Champions, Cards, or other In-Game content may be banned throughout anytime of the Paladins Qualifiers. Teams will be made aware of such bans at the earliest convenience of a Hi-Rez Administrator.
  4. Certain areas within maps are illegal to go with any champion in Paladins. It will be up to an administrator’s discretion on which areas are illegal to move, play, etc and players will be given this information before the start of the tournament.
  5. Players may not change their in-game names, clan names or clan tags at any point without Hi-Rez Studios permission.
  6. Hi-Rez Studios has the right to deem any name or tag inappropriate. If a name or tag is flagged inappropriate, teams or players must change it to something that is approved before he/she may be able to compete.
  7. Hi-Rez Studios holds the right to deny any representation of unwanted sponsors which can include, but not limited to: Gambling Sites, drugs, illegal activity, pornography, tobacco, competitors.
  8. Players may only use in-game names with characters A-Z or 0-9. No special characters may be used.
  9. Players may only compete in one (1) HiRez Official Tournamet at one time.
    1. Any player that qualifies for the Master’s Qualifiers will be ineligible to compete in any other Hi-Rez Studios Official Tournament Series.
  10. Teams must hold an appropriate name. Any team attempting to sign up for a tournament with a name deemed unsuitable will be asked to create a new team in-game in order to participate.
  11. Teams may not change their team’s name without bringing it to an Admin’s attention.

[/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”2. TOURNAMENT FORMAT”]2.1 GENERAL

  1. The Paladins Qualifiers will be four (4) weeks of open bracket tournaments where teams will earn points based on their placement each week. The top four (4) teams with the most points in each region will advance to the Masters Qualifiers.
    1. Two tournaments will run on a weekly basis: One (1) European tournament every Saturday at 9:15am EST / 3:15pm CET and one (1) North American tournament every Sunday at 11:15am EST.
      1. European Check-In times are every Saturday at 8:00am EST / 2:00pm CET – 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CET.
      2. North America Check-In times are every Sunday at 10:00am EST – 11:00am EST
  2. North American tournaments must be played on a North American server and European tournaments must be played on an European server.
  3. The tournament will be a single elimination tournament. The entire tournament will be played in a Best of Three (3) format with the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals being played in a Best of Five (5) format.
  4. The tournament game mode will be the game mode that is available during the current and live patch. This may change week to week and it is up to an Administrator’s discretion on what game mode the tournament will be played in.
  5. The map rotation will be decided based on the picking and banning method as described below:
    1. The higher seed has choice of first map ban
    2. The lower seed has choice of second map ban
    3. The higher seed has choice of first map pick and first pick or second pick on the map
    4. After Game 1, the lower seed has choice of second map pick and first pick or second pick on the map
    5. The loser of Game 2 has choice of third map pick and first pick or second pick on the map.
    6. The loser of each game forward will have choice of map and first pick or second pick on the map until the series has been completed.
  6. A game cannot end in a tie.
  7. In the case of a tie in team standings, the following will be executed to break such tie:
    1. 2-way tie: The team with the better head-to-head record. If a tie still exists with the head-to-head record, a Best of 1, 5v5 match will be played.
    2. 3-way tie: The team will the better head-to-head record. If a tie still exists with the head-to-head record, a single round robin would be played between the three (3) teams. If that fails to break a tie, a randomized single elimination tournament will be played with one (1) team getting a BYE.
    3. 4-way tie: The team will the better head-to-head record. If a tie still exists with the head-to-head record, teams will be randomized into a Best of 1 bracket. Once two (2) teams win the initial bracket, a 3rd place match must be played.
    4. 5-way tie: The team will the better head-to-head record. If a tie still exists with the head-to-head record, teams are randomized in a Best of 1 bracket with one (1) play-in round. Once the play-in round is complete, the same format as a four-way tie will be played.
    5. 6-way tie: The team will the better head-to-head record. If a tie still exists with the head-to-head record, teams are randomized into a Best of 1 bracket with two (2) BYE’s issued to the teams. The other 4 teams will play through similar to the 4-way single elimination bracket.
  8. Additional restrictions may be added at any time before or during a Game or Match by an Administrator if a known or “game breaking” Bug is found.
    1. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to report any Bugs found immediately at the end of each Game. Any player knowingly using one (1) or more Bugs to his or her advantage will be immediately disqualified from the Tournament.
  9. Teams will earn compensation from Hi-Rez Studios based on their placement at the end of each tournament
    1. Due to any possible technical issues w/Paladins or its servers, games may be rescheduled on an Admins behalf to another day and time not listed on the schedule.



  1. Teams will accumulate points throughout participation in the Paladins Qualifiers Ruleset. Points will be given accordingly:
    1. 1st: 100 points
    2. 2nd: 60 points
    3. 3rd: 40 points
    4. 4th: 25 points
    5. 5-8th: 10 points
    6. 9-16th: 5 points
    7. 17th and Higher: 2 points
      1. (i) In order for a team to maintain their points throughout the Paladins Qualifiers, teams must follow the Roster Rules in section 3.3.
      2. Any team planning to change their name or being picked up by a sponsor, MUST contact a tournament admin before the day of the tournament in order to keep their seed points.


  1. Teams and players are required to be available to play at anytime between the end of the check-in period and until elimination.
  2. Teams may not create a Game or start a Match until an Administrator provides the appropriate permission.
  3. High standards are expected from every player competing at all times. Each player must follow the Paladins Terms of Service that he or she agreed to upon signing up for an account, including Item 12 (Online Rules of Conduct). Failure to abide by the Paladins Terms of Service may result in punitive measures, including but not limited to disqualification, suspension from future events, and/or termination of your account.
    1. Each player must also display well-mannered behavior throughout the entire duration of the Paladins Qualifiers. This includes before, during, or after the series. Good behavior is expected in all public areas of interaction which include but are not limited to Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and the in-game Paladins Client. You may also refer to Section 4.6 for additional rules on player behavior.
    2. Poor or negative behavior towards Hi-Rez staff, sponsors, or other players will not be acceptable and punitive measures will be assessed.
    3. Harassment and sexual harassment towards any player or Hi-Rez staff member will result in punitive measures pursuant to section 4.8.
  4. Cheating is strictly prohibited. No player should be manipulating game files, using unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which one may gain an unfair advantage over another player.
    1. Any players found cheating are subject to removal of all Hi-Rez Studios related and sponsored tournaments as well as permanently banned in Paladins.
    2. If any player is found using such cheats or injectors during competitive play, all games that were affected due to cheats will be subject to forfeiture and other potential penalties.
  5. Collusion, intentionally losing a game, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.
  6. Abusing spectator, including but not limited to stream sniping and/or ghosting will be treated as cheating. If a team or player is suspected of cheating, the Administrators reserve the right to take punitive measures.
  7. A player is not allowed to use another player’s account (smurf) or multiple accounts of their own for any reason whatsoever. Players in violation of doing so will result in punitive measures including and not limited to the team being disqualified from the tournament and a potential banning of those accounts.
  8. If a player account is suspended for at least six (6) days or is permanently banned (even if the suspension/ban does not overlap the tournament period), he or she will not be allowed to participate unless written permission is granted from Daniel “HiRezDan” McHugh.
    1. Players must use the name that their team captain checked them in as at the start of the tournament. If a player has changed their name from a previous week, they must bring it to an Admins attention before the tournament has started.
    2. A player may not change his/her’s name in the middle of a tournament. Once the first round of the tournament beings, he/she must maintain the same name that they played under from the start of the tournament to finish.
  9. Players that are due for winnings will be given documents and other requirements at the end of the Paladins Qualifiers. Players are required to have each of these items finalized, signed and/or completed by a specified date determined by the Hi-Rez Administrator. Players who do not submit their documentation on time will have their winnings held until all necessary documents are submitted.



  1. Each team must designate one person as the main point of contact for the Administrators before, during, and after the Tournament (the “Team Captain”), whereupon such appointment shall be permanent for the entire Paladins Qualifiers. The captain will be the main point of contact for Hi-Rez Studios to deliver any information regarding the team but not limited to:
    1. Rosters
    2. LAN logistics such as needed forms, travel accommodations and other needed information.
    3. Team availability
    4. Team / player information
    5. Tournament communications
  2. Each team may designate a backup representative (the “Team Assistant”) should the Team Captain be unavailable due to unforeseeable or emergency circumstances. If a Team Assistant is required to act in the Team Captain’s place, he or she shall be responsible for all of the Team Captain’s duties until otherwise instructed by an Administrator.
    1. A team representative that is playing in games that day must be in Discord at all times.
  3. Every Team Captain is responsible for updating the Administrators with any information pertaining to his or her own team as well as making sure that any requested information is provided to the requesting Administrator(s) in a timely fashion.
    1. Team Captains are responsible for updating the outcome of matches with the proper Match ID or screenshots in the official Discord server.
  4. Each Team Captain must be available at all times to the Administrators for the entire duration of the Tournament.
  5. Team Captains are required to use Discord to communicate with the Admins. Check-ins as stipulated by the rules are to be done via this VOIP software. Captains may be contacted via direct or group messages through this software and will be held accountable for information passed through this medium. Information on Use and FAQ.
    1. Only team captains of participating teams for that day’s tournament are allowed to speak in the VOIP software. Any other players or teams using the Discord server may be subject to punitive measures at an Admin’s discretion unless filling in for a team captain; fulfilling 3.2c.
  6. The captain listed on the check-in form each week will be the official Team Captain for the Paladins Qualifiers tournament.



  1. Rosters must include a minimum of 5 players who are all signed up.
  2. Every team must have five (5) signed up players present and ready to play at all times.
  3. Players may only be active on one (1) Paladins Qualifiers team at a time.
    1. If a player is checked in on multiple rosters, said player will be asked by an administrator which team he/she is playing for. If the players fails to answer, he/she will only be eligible to the team he/she plays with first.
  4. In order for a team to use a substitute in the middle of the Tournament, they must notify an Administrator before the start of the game.
    1. Said substitute must be checked in on the team’s roster prior to the start of the tournament.
  5. In order for your team to maintain points throughout the tournament series, you must hold a minimum of 3 starting players from the first roster your team checked in. If this criteria is not met, your points will be reset back to 0 the first week you are unable to hold 3 starting original members.
  6. There is a maximum of 9 spots available for each team.



  1. Each team is allowed a maximum of one (1) pause per Game. Pauses cannot exceed more than three (3) minutes. Once the issue is resolved, the teams will confirm with an Administrator that each is ready to unpause. Only at that point does the pause timer stop. Any additional pauses may be provided by the Administrators.
    1. Teams may only use the allowed pause time for their own use.
    2. A player may only pause the game if any of the following are met:
      1. One (1) or more players have disconnected from the Game due to any form of network disconnect or computer crash.
      2. One (1) or more players are experiencing technical malfunctions related to hardware or software problems.
      3. One (1) or more players are experiencing severe illness.
  2. The Team Captain must immediately tell an administrator when a game has been paused. Upon pausing, the captain must give the ingame time as well as the reason for the pause.



  1. Administrators will be checking each team’s lineup and making sure the players are logged into the proper accounts.
  2. Administrators will be in charge of initiating the start of each Game.
  3. Each and every pause and unpause must be approved by an Administrator pursuant to Section 3.4.
  4. Each Administrator reserves the sole discretion to determine the final outcome and results of any Game and/or Match he or she is presiding over. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Daniel “HiRezDan” McHugh may override any Administrator decision.



  1. “Setup Time” means the time between Matches. The designated time will be the moment shortly after the completion of a full match series to the time right before the next match series begins.
  2. During Setup Time, every team must:
    1. Immediately communicate with the Admins on previous match results with a match ID, point score and winner of the game.
    2. Consult and prepare with the Admins for the next game or match.
    3. Ensure each player’s computer and peripherals are working appropriately.
    4. Use the bathroom or attend to other personal needs.



  1. Abusing spectator, including but not limited to stream sniping and/or ghosting will be treated as cheating. If a team or player is suspected of cheating, the Administrators reserve the right to take punitive measures.
  2. Players are not allowed to stream matches.


  1. A “Game” is defined as an instance of Tournament competition where the outcome is determined by either the completion of the objective, a team surrendering, or a team being disqualified.
  2. A “Match” is defined as a full set of Games (i.e., a best of three (3) series) that is played until a team wins a majority of the set.
  3. This is a single elimination tournament. The entire tournament will be in a best of three (3) format with the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals being a best of five (5) format. Games must be created as stated in Section 2.1(f).
  4. When a team is disqualified from a Game, Match, or the Tournament, it will automatically be given the loss for that said Game or Match, as well as potentially being removed from the remainder of the Tournament.
    1. Any team that is disqualified from the Tournament will forfeit all prizing, outstanding per diem, and benefits that they may have earned related to the Tournament. Disqualifications may be awarded after the tournaments completion OR prior to the tournaments completion but after a team’s elimination.
    2. Any team that refuses to play games in the Paladins Qualifiers will forfeit all prizing and benefits that they may have earned related to the Tournament.



  1. Each Game is expected to start within three (3) minute of an Administrator’s request. If a Game does not start within the three (3) minute period, any teams present must contact an Administrator immediately with a compelling reason for the delay.



  1. We allow a five (5) minute delay between matches. This allows the Casters to take a short break in-between matches, and both Tournament spectators and Players to take a break themselves.
  2. Team Captains are required to get an Administrator approval for delays that will last more than five (5) minutes.
  3. During the Tournament, some Games may be requested to be held or gated based on the Tournament schedule.
    1. Teams are required to check with an Administrator and verify whether the next Game is on time. This process is to ensure everyone is communicating and informed about the Tournament schedule.
    2. In special cases where one (1) or more Games must be held over thirty (30) minutes, Administrators will be in close contact with the affected teams. Players must remain in the Tournament area during this time and be prepared to play upon notice.
  4. In the case of a player’s client loading slowly or a Game crashing upon loading, an immediate pause may be issued until all ten (10) players successfully load in and connect. The applicable Team Captain shall notify an Administrator of this process immediately upon pause.



  1. If a player fails to load into a Game or disconnects during a Game where no character kills have occurred, the following shall apply:
    1. Either Team may request a remake of the Game. Any remake must be approved by the appropriate Administrator. Players must continue playing the original Game until an Administrator approves the remake. Remake requests from an individual team will only be awarded once per Game, unless otherwise determined by two (2) or more Administrators.
  2. If a player disconnects during a Game where character kills have occurred, there will be no remake unless otherwise determined by the head Administrator.
  3. The substitute player checked-in pursuant to Section 3.3 may be used between remakes, provided it is approved by an Administrator.
  4. In the event of a remake, both teams must pick the same characters as in the previous Game. However, players may exchange which characters they are playing.



  1. The following are considered unfair play:
    1. The use of any type of injector, cheat, map hack program, or any other third party program or device as further described in Sections 3.1(d).
    2. Intentional pausing, as further described in Section 3.4, or disconnecting.
    3. Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to inappropriate actions directed toward other players, the audience, Administrators, or other Hi-Rez Studios personnel, or inappropriate actions directly affecting the Game such as intentional feeding or collusion as further described in Section 3.1(e).
    4. Interacting with any livestream chat on Twitch or any other similar website prior to the official broadcast showing the Game is complete.
    5. Violating the Paladins Terms of Service as further described in Section 3.1(c).
  2. Private messaging another player during the Tournament is strictly prohibited.
  3. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to act as a well-mannered individual throughout the tournament. Examples of poor manners include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Constant emote spam in-game, including taunting.
    2. Verbally taunting another team or player.
    3. Sending messages to a player before, during, or after a game.
    4. Spamming any unnecessary pinging in game, including during a pause.
  4. If a team shows signs of not trying or not putting forward the best roster for their team, the Administrators reserve the right to evaluate the situation and disqualify that said team.



  1. Each Game must be played until the final objective is completed or until a team surrenders in order to receive a victory.



  1. If any player or team violates a rule contained herein, the player or team as a whole may be subject to disqualification, including forfeiture of any and all payments from Hi-Rez Studios associated with the Tournament. Other punitive measures may include, but are not limited to: suspension or prohibition from participating in future Hi-Rez Studios’ events.
  2. Rules are enforced and handled completely by the Hi-Rez Studios Administrative team. Teams do not have the option to decline any penalties being assessed onto their opponents.

 [/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”5. POST MATCH RULES”]5.1 GENERAL RULES

  1. Players shall not type or otherwise participate in any livestream chat until coverage of any Game they were participating in has concluded. This includes during any Game pause. The purpose behind this restriction is to avoid spoiling events to the audience because all broadcasting is sent out on a delay.
  2. If a team wins one or more prizes, the email address given on the check-in form will be used to continue communication with the team. Hi-Rez Studios will need to obtain contact and shipping information from each player receiving prizing throughout the tournament. Prizing will be subject to domestic and international tax laws. All players will be required to complete tax information forms before prizing is awarded.

[/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”6. RULES DISCLAIMER”]All rules are subject to an Administrator’s interpretation. Hi-Rez Studios reserves the right to modify, add, or delete rules at any time, without prior notice and/or reason. Unless otherwise stated, all decisions made by an Administrator pursuant to these rules are final and binding upon all applicable parties. If you do not agree with all of the rules and stipulations listed above, you may not participate in the Tournament. By requesting entry into the Tournament, you represent and warrant to Hi-Rez Studios that you have read, understand, and agree to these rules and stipulations, and promise to act in compliance with such rules and stipulations at all times.[/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_column_text]