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Sign up for competitive paladins

Want to participate in Competitive Paladins Tournaments hosted by PaladinsWorld & Hi-Rez Studios? Follow these next steps to ensure that you and your team will be able to participate in the current tournaments!

  1. Find yourself a full team.
  2. Assign a team captain who will be the spokesman of your team.
  3. Assign a team assistant should the team captain be unavailable.
  4. Join our partnered Discord channel. Click here to join.
  5. Put your name and team name in as your discord nickname. (For example: Team Tag | Player Name)
  6. Both the Team Captain and Team Assistant are free to request their team role in the discord. PM one of the administrators for this. (Not required, but makes it easier for us to contact you).
  7. All done with signing up! Only thing you have to do now is wait for the check-ins to open. Click here for the Check-in times.
  8. When the tournament starts, a link for check-ins will be posted. The current Team leader/assistant has to check-in the team with the right information.

Have other questions regarding competitive Paladins? Check out our Rules and F.A.Q. Tab or feel free to PM an administrator or staff member on the PaladinsWorld Discord channel.