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Team Renegades: Q&A with Team Captain Cliku

Team Renegades: Q&A with Team Captain Cliku

Q: Tell us about your team’s experience in the PGS.
A: Our experience in the Paladins Global Series (PGS) was phenomenal. It was our first test on a bigger stage against the other teams. We placed 2nd in the first phase of the PGS and got 1st in the second phase of the PGS, beating out G2 eSports with a convincing 3-0 sweep in the semi-finals. The PGS brought us together more closely as a team and it helped us set a high standard for when we play others.


Q: How/when/where did you first meet with Renegades?
A: When we first met with the Detroit Renegades, it was through Twitter, and we kept talking over Discord. We continued to keep in touch through Discord, and Renegades kept an eye on our wins and progress through Hi-Rez’s broadcasts in the PGS Facebook Group. The more they saw of us the more they liked, until they eventually signed us shortly after the PGS ended.


Q: Why/how do you think Team Renegades noticed your team and decided to recruit you?
A: Hi-Rez’s PGS made a huge impact on which teams were getting recruited. Team Renegades watched our matches on Facebook and noticed we were doing well, they liked what we were bringing to the table and saw we had the potential to upset any team. They believed that our team has lots of potential. I believe we have the talent to become the best team in North America.


Q: Do you think other aspiring eSports players can use this method to also get noticed and recruited?
A: I believe that other aspiring eSports players can get recognized by professional organizations by participating in the PGS and posting good results. Hi-Rez livestreams games and posts highlights in the PGS Facebook Group, which many pro teams monitor for talent. If an org sees potential with your team they will eventually contact you, so for all you aspiring eSports players, keep grinding and reach for the top.


Q: How has the transition to professional eSports player been? Can you share some differences from before? Do friends or family treat you differently?
A: The transition to professional eSports for me has been alright. I am currently attending college at Iowa State University, and having to keep up with school work and team practice every day is a bit rough, but manageable. Some differences from before are that I don’t have as much free time as other students, as I am always trying to improve my game. I am treated a bit differently now that I play for such an amazing org, friends and family are always asking when my next match is, and are always rooting for me. Other than that, some of my friends always call me by “Cliku” instead of my real name.


Q: Tell us about your team’s experience so far in the PPL.
A: Our experience in the Paladins Premier League (PPL) so far has not been the best experience. We started the first two weeks of the PPL exploding with a 2-0 record, but started slowing down the weeks after. We ended the season 4-4, but we were not satisfied. The last week shook us a bit as we lost both sets, although both were very close. Our experience with the PPL strengthened our bonds but also made us want to work harder towards becoming better than everyone else. We want to make our fans at home proud.

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