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Region North America
PPL Fall Finals 20175th - 8th
PWC Qualifiers 20173rd - 4th


Acquired in September, 2016 by NBA superstar Jonas Jerebko of the Boston Celtics, the power forward has since purchased the rights to the Renegades franchise. Following the transfer, the team was re-branded as the Detroit Renegades headquartered in Detroit, MI.

Detroit Renegades is North America’s premier multi-gaming eSports organization. Featuring professional players and teams in the world’s largest competitive games. Recent breakout performances in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League, Paladins, Vainglory, Call of Duty and Super Smash Brothers has helped launch Renegades into becoming one of the most prominent and recognized sports franchise around the world.

While proud of our achievements, the Detroit Renegades value our fans, relationships, players, owners, partners, and employees. We hold a strong belief that the foundation of any successful endeavor always begins with the right people that support it. We play hard, we work hard, we commit. #RNGWIN