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The Impending Rosterpocalypse…

The Impending Rosterpocalypse…

Another Hi-Rez Expo has passed and this time around Natus Vincere was able to claim the title of world champion. This also marks the start of a brand new season of esports greatness within the realm. While this generally means that we will see new faces in the scene, it also means that we will see some old faces with new colors.


Preparing for the upcoming competition doesn’t only mean daily practice, it also means finding the people that are willing to work together towards a common goal. Because of this it’s quite common to see roster changes after big tournaments and the Paladins esports scene is no exception to this. We call this phenomenon the “Rosterpocalypse”. With the Spring Split kicking off on March the 10th, the time between now and March the 5th is called “off-season”. This means that all PPL players are free agents during this period of time, allowing them to negotiate contracts with organisations they want to represent.


We were able to get in touch with the coach of Team EnvyUs, who goes by the alias of Metapusher. We had a brief talk about his and his team’s goals going into the 2018 Spring Split. Team EnvyUs showed us some strong tournament runs last season and they proved the world that there is a lot more to North America than just the dominant SK Gaming and G2 Esports.



Honestly, I’m expecting big things. Last split didn’t go as we had hoped initially, but we took it as motivation and went into the offseason ready to grind and prepare for the Spring Split. Adding Rockmonkey and RuBBu to the team has really helped focus the teams mentality toward the future and I’m incredibly excited for what these five guys can do come March. We expect better than fourth place.


Across the pond we had NTBees, who is the captain for Mousesports, willing to talk about his expectations for the Spring Split. To say that the previous season hasn’t been particularly kind to them is an understatement. While talking to NTBees it became clear that there wasn’t much that they could have done to avoid these unfortunate scenarios.



Stability. That’s been the main issue with this roster since its birth in Paladins and it’s quite bizarre how we’ve been plagued with them too. It all started with Sleepy, the reason you don’t see him on the team was due to the fact that his father had not allowed him to the Fall LAN. If this was a one-time thing, it would have been okay, but this wasn’t the first time he had travel issues. We couldn’t continue to take the risk with him. This meant that we had to take our substitute, Kawa instead. However on the day that we had to book our tickets, he informed us that he could not travel to America. Luckily for us we were able to make Syer our 5th and could still make it to the LAN. The only problem with that however was that Syer had not played the game in 6 months. So yeah, it’s been wild! Once we iron out these issues I guarantee that you will see a different team playing compared to the mess that was season 1. With all of that, the team morale will be a lot higher and we can tackle any problems that are thrown at us!


While we’ve already seen some roster changes, it’s fair to say that bigger and much more unexpected changes are going to happen. More announcements regarding the rosterpocalypse will be made over the next few weeks so make sure to check esports.paladins regularly!
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Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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