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The Paladins Console Series is Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

The Paladins Console Series is Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

For all you Champions of the Realm who have been patiently awaiting the return of the Paladins Console Series, the time is nigh! The PCS is back, and it’s starting this week!


This $250,000 tournament series will give both PS4 and Xbox players from North America and Europe the opportunity  to compete in weekly tournament for crystal rewards and a chance at qualifying for monthly finals and live events with larger prize pools. Just grab four friends and you could win big!




PCS Format & Seeding


Starting on February 2, teams will be able to sign up for the first of many monthly tournaments. PLEASE NOTE: The first PCS tournament that’s coming up this week isn’t the start of a new phase. It will pick up at Week 3 so we can finish out the phase that was left unfinished following the last tournament held on December 9, 2017.

Each tournament phase will last for four weeks. In the first three weeks, teams will play best-of-three matchups in a single-elimination bracket to qualify for the monthly finals in Week 4. Here’s a breakdown of what these first three weeks will look like for each phase:



  • Week 1: Single Elimination + Bronze Match
    • Seeds 1, 2, 3, and 4 qualify for monthly finals
  • Week 2: Single Elimination
    • Seeds 5 and 6 qualify
  • Week 3: Single Elimination
    • Seeds 7 & 8 qualify


The top 8 teams who qualify in these weekly tournaments will move on to the monthly finals, where they’ll play in another single-elimination bracket and battle it out for a share of cash prizing. (More details on prizing below.)


PCS Prizing


Teams who finish in the top four spots during qualifying weeks will be awarded crystal prizing as follows:

  • 1st Place: 800 Crystals per player
  • 2nd Place: 600 Crystals per player
  • 3rd Place: 400 Crystals per Player
  • 4th Place: 400 Crystals per Player

Teams who don’t manage to place in the top 8 for a specific phase will still receive a participation reward of 50 Crystals per player. Please note that these participation Crystals will only be rewarded if players/teams do not forfeit a tournament or get disqualified.

The top 8 teams who participate in our monthly finals will have the opportunity to earn cash prizing. Here’s a breakdown of what prizing will look like per console, per region for the monthly finals:

  • 1st Place: $1,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,000
  • 3rd Place: $750
  • 4th Place: $750
  • 5th Place: $250 + 500 Crystals per player
  • 6th Place: $250 + 500 Crystals per player
  • 7th Place: $250 + 500 Crystals per player
  • 8th Place: $250 + 500 Crystals per player


PCS Tournament & Broadcast Schedule


Players who want to participate in the PCS can do so on Fridays and Saturdays each week. Depending on which region you’re in, your tournament registration will open at the following times:

  • Europe: Fridays @ 10:00 AM ET (4:00 PM CET)
    • Play Time: 11:00 AM ET (5:00 PM CET)
  • North America: Saturdays @ 1:00 PM ET (7:00 PM CET)
    • Play Time: 2:00 PM ET (8:00 PM CET)


For more information on how you can participate in these weekly PCS tournaments, check out our guide on how to sign up for the Paladins Console Series.


Because the Paladins Console Series is powered by Mixer, all PCS broadcasts will happen over on the PaladinsGame Mixer channel. These broadcasts will happen on Saturdays and Sundays each week, with a different region being featured each day.

  • Saturdays (12:00 PM ET) – Europe (Xbox/PS4)
  • Sundays (12:00 PM ET) – North America (Xbox/PS4)


Each broadcast will begin with Xbox matches first, then PS4.



That’s all we have for now, but there’s plenty more PCS info coming your way! Stay tuned for more information on our full schedule for the Paladins Console Series and other announcements as the 2018 phase kicks off.

As always, you can follow us on Twitter (@PaladinsPro) to make sure you don’t miss any updates as this year’s PCS kicks off!

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