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Team CryptiK Picks Up Odin’s Chosen

Team CryptiK Picks Up Odin’s Chosen

The Paladins: Champions of the Realm esports scene continues to grow as organizations pick up pro teams left and right. This time around Team CryptiK showed interest in Paladins and signed the team formerly known as Odin’s Chosen, the number one seed in the North-American Summer Qualifiers.




Not too long ago, Odin’s Chosen was called Astral Authority. The team parted ways with that organization a few weeks ago and continued under Odin’s Chosen until they found a new home. Now, after just a few weeks, they found their new home as Team CryptiK showed interest in the team and took them under their wings. With the team constellation featuring some well known all-star players such as Kustqt, Doesupz and Wardoom, combined with the results of the Summer Qualifiers, it’s very obvious why Team CryptiK was interested in picking up Odin’s Chosen.


Team CryptiK will continue with the same roster as Odin’s Chosen, which is as follows:

  • Jake “Kusqt” Jenkins
  • Sebastian “Doesupz” Pineo
  • Andrew “Wardoom” Cole
  • Enno “IDropBodies” Aragon
  • Nathan “Evulli” Lee
  • Bryce “Vex30” Kelly (Substitute)


When we asked Team CryptiK’s captain Kusqt how he felt after being picked up by Team CryptiK he said: “Really excited to play under the organization. Really great group of guys, hoping to represent them well in the Valencia Qualifiers as well as North-America at DreamHack Valencia itself.” He then continued: “I’m glad the hunt for an organisation to represent is over and the focus on grinding can begin.


We wish all players on Team CryptiK the best and are eager to see how they will play during the DreamHack Valencia Qualifiers. Catch the weekly broadcast of the PC Paladins Summer Premier EU and NA round robin on

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